The company has long experience in vinification, using the latest technologies and scrupulously maintaining the special characteristics, genuineness and tradition of its products.
The ageing process for all wines follows a skilled and highly professional programme, starting with Valpolicella, which is divided into three famous types. The first of these is Valpolicella Classico, a vintage wine, obtained by selecting the finest grapes cultivated in this hilly area.

Then comes Valpolicella Classico Superiore I Lastari, a name which refers to the vineyards which stand where stone quarrymen once extracted the marble slabs used for building the walls and roofs of old houses. Finally comes Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso Santambrogio, a product of notable prestige, obtained by refermenting Valpolicella Classico on marc from Recioto and Amarone. Another two reds stand out in the Aldegheri wine range.

The first is SengiaRossa, whose name refers to the area of the Valpolicella where fine red Verona marble was quarried; the old vineyard still exist, giving body to this full robust wine characterised by a pleasantly complex bouquet.

The second is Le Pietre Santambrogio, which comes from hillside vineyards characterised by dry stony soil, where Cabernet grapes grow and lend a slightly herbaceous complexity to the bouquet with hints of dried juniper.

Next we come to the most prestigious wines, Recioto and Amarone. Both require a long period of preparation, which starts with the grape raisining phase.

The finest bunches are selected by hand and placed for raisining partly on drying mats and partly in modern-design trays to wait for late crushing, which is carried out at the beginning of February. Recioto is a wine with a very pleasant sweet flavour with an intense garnet colour and bouquet of roses and violets, plum jam and wild fruit.

Amarone, aged first at length in oak barrels and then in bottles in the vaulted cellar, acquires a full, robust, warm character, whose bouquet recalls black cherries in alcohol, liquorice and leather.

As its name suggests, raisining is one of the key stages in the production of one of Aldegheri’s finest white wines, Passito: fermented in small wooden barrels, it is characterised by its bursting bouquet of wild flowers, with a slight hint of vanilla. Passito is not the only white wine produced by Cantine Aldegheri; notable mentions also go to the company’s Custoza Zaleo and Zerbara, Lugana Le Querce and Soave Mondello.