TRENTO DOC EXTRA BRUT ALDE 3.0 grafici November 26, 2022


Sparkling wines

GRAPES: Chardonnay

VINEYARD:  The choice of  vineyards within the Trento DOC Classico AREA, arises from a deep knowledge of the territory and environmental characteristics in order to identify the ideal grapes for the production of this sparkling wine.

TRAINING METHOD: simple Trentino pergola.

AGE OF VINES: this sparkling wine is fermented only from  Chardonnay grapes from vineyards which are over 10 years of age.

SOIL: deposits originated from the disintegration and alteration of prevailing extrusive sub-alkaline  volcanic rocks (andesite and riodaciti generated by hybrids derived magmas mantle and crustal, commonly referred to as Porfidi Quartziferous with a  typical red-violet color).

YIELD PER HECTARE: ca. 6,500 liters of sparkling wine base

HARVEST: the grapes are  hand selected when they have reached their ideal maturation.

VINIFICATION: soft pressing the whole grape in a pneumatic press with a maximum yield in must of 55% vol./weight

AGEING: the sparkling wine base is refined with  yeast fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of ca. 12 ° C, for at least six months, with repeated bâtonnage.

BOTTLE AGEING: After the second fermentation, sur lie, for at least 24 months

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 12.5% ​​vol. ca.

TASTING NOTES: Spumante Trento DOC of great finesse and character.  Extra brut, to better grasp the organoleptic qualities and the connection with its  unique terroir.  Brilliant colour, straw yellow with greenish notes, perfect perlage; rich and delicate nose with hints of white flowers and delicate candied fruit, and mineral notes and a slight hint of crusty bread.  Freshness in the mouth, vibrant with an intriguing acidity  accompanied by salty  and green notes, long lasting and pleasant aftertaste.


PAIRINGS: Splendid as an aperitif; accompanies with a decisive character shellfish  and raw fish, refined with delicate fish dishes.

Also wonderful with a full course meal  or quick snacks. Ideal served at 6-8 ° C.