Prosecco Extra Dry Doc

Sparkling wines

An elegantly fruity spumante with a subtle and lasting sparkle. Straw-coloured with a richly intense aroma reminiscent of meadow flowers and acacia blossom. A smooth and delicious flavour with excellent harmony.



THE VINEYARD (Geographic location and characteristics)

The vines are situated in the traditional hilly areas of Prosecco production where the marly soil is mixed also with clay.

THE PLANTING SYSTEM (the method and the density)

Sylvoz or Cappuccina system with double arched canes. 2,500-3,000 plants/ hectare

HARVESTING (timing and methods)

The harvest is usually between the middle of September and the middle of October and is only done by hand.


The soft pressing of the grapes is done using pneumatic presses. After the static decanting of the must, the vinification continues with controlled temperature fermentation at 15 – 18°C. There follows a period in stainless steel for 2-3 months. The spumante effect is achieved using stainless steel autoclaves followed by tartaric stabilisation under cold conditions.


Ideal as an aperitif and a good choice for a buffet as it is versatile enough to match a variety of foods.