Costaverde Spumante

Sparkling wines


An elegantly classic spumante, the colour of pale straw, fruity and delicate on the nose.

Splendidly refined in character, its taste leaves a pleasing and harmonious finish. 

THE VINEYARD (Geographic location and characteristics )

The vines grow on marly soil mixed also with clay.

THE PLANTING SYSTEM (the method and the density)

Sylvoz system 3,500 plants/ hectare


The vinification is done by the soft pressing of the grapes. The sparkling effect is achieved using the Charmat method. 


Excellent as an aperitif, it is a perfect match for sweet pastries with fruit and fresh cream. Also works very well with menus based on fish.

BOTTLING ( analytical data)         

Alcohol                    11.0                           

Residual sugars      11 g/litre

Total acidity              5.5