Olio Extra-Vergine di Oliva


This oil comes from the best olives in the olive groves of Tenuta Villa Cariola near Caprino Veronese. Intensely golden in colour with overtones of green, it has a delicate fragrance of wild grasses and almonds with a decisive and attractive flavour on the palate. It is a perfect accompaniment to fish, grilled meats and fresh cheeses.

Tenuta Villa Cariola Olive Grove

Location: : Morenic hills surrounding Caprino Veronese. Soil type: Sandy loam Total area: 2.5 hectares Plant varieties: Casaliva (Drizzar), Frantoio, Grignano, Leccio and Leccino. Average age of plants: 150 years Altitude: 360 m.


Timing: Early November Type of harvest: Raking or shaking onto nets and hand-picking using ladders. Level of maturity: 30%Green, 50% turning black, 20% Mature Olives Produced: 8,840kg Transportation: plastic cases holding 25 Kg


Type of press: granite mill & cold press Processing: early November Oil produced: 1004 kg Storage: Stainless steel container in the dark under controlled temperature conditions.