Passito Bianco del Veneto 0,375 lt

Le riserve

This wine is produced from a selection of the best grapes for raisining, a thorough vinification process and slow ageing in small oak barrels. It is an ideal wine for meditation and is characterised by a bursting bou-quet of wild flowers, iris, violet and ripe fruit, soaked in vanilla from the wood. The palate picks up all these hints with an extremely elegant lovable captivating velvety flavour.


Garganega Veronese, Chardonnay and other old varieties to finish.

VINEYARD: geographical position and characteristics

In the hilly area to the north of Verona, characterised by loamy, tufa and alluvial soils.

SYSTEMS: method and density

Pergoletta with about 3,000 vines per hectare and Guyot with 4,500 vines per hectare. VINTAGE: time and method The grape harvest starts at the beginning of September and finishes in mid-October with two picking ses-sions, harvesting the best grapes to "rest".


Crushing starts in December for the early grapes and in late February for Garganega. Maceration continues until the beginning of fermentation to aid the extraction of the bouquet without oxidative polyphenols. This is followed by separation of the flower must and slow fermentation in French wood. The first racking is car-ried out at the end of June before a return to new wood until the end of the fermentation process. After age-ing in bottles for several months, the wine is ready to be drunk.


Different from the norm if drunk with blue, salty and/or piquant cheeses served alone or with honey, jam, mostarda (fruit in mustard syrup) or goose liver. Also an accompaniment to any dessert, from pandoro cake to dry sweets. Serve cold as the perfect way to end a meal.