Le riserve

"Dindarella" is the name of one of the classic Valpolicella grape varieties, characterised by alternate highly limited production. Its grapes grow in small thin clusters, ideal for raisining. The result is a deep garnet red wine, which after a few years of ageing has a bouquet of cooked fruit, spices with green pepper and ginger, underbrush and Mediterranean scrub. It is particularly interesting for the palate, where its noble tannins elevate the sensations of the bouquet to a long exciting finale.


Dindarella 100% pure.

VINEYARD: geographical position and characteristics

The vineyards are all located to the northwest of Verona in the hills in the classic Valpolicella area at a height ranging from 150 to 300 metres. The average age is 30 years, with some vines older than 50 years. The soil is Neolithic, calcareous and stony with southwest exposure.

SYSTEMS: method and density

All pergoletta veronese, with more than 2,000 vines/hectare.

VINTAGE: time and method

Between mid and late September. The grapes are harvested by hand and stay in trays for several months before vinification.


Depending on the vintage, the process starts between the end of November and the end of December with partial destemming. The fermentation temperature is brought to 10°C and then stabilised at around 15°C. A long maceration procedure follows for more than 40 days with two weekly pumping procedures. Towards May-June, after two rackings, the "clean" wine is transferred to small-capacity wooden barrels for ageing. This is followed by racking into bottles and ageing for more than 8 months.


Heightens the pleasure of grilled meats, game and mature piquant cheeses. A pleasant surprise when sipped in good company, even outside mealtimes. We recommend serving it at room temperature in balloon glasses from a decanter.