Le Pietre Bianco


Although the grape varieties from the Veronese hills used to make this wine have different degrees of ripe-ness, the result is unique in terms of pleasantness and harmony. Its enchanting bouquet of rock flowers makes an extremely pleasant impact, rounded off by the absolute elegance and perfect harmony of the fresh dry flavour.


Garganega, Chardonnay, other indigenous grapes to finish.

VINEYARD: geographical position and characteristics

The vineyards are situated in the hilly northeastern area of the province of Verona. The age varies from 7 years for Chardonnay to an average of 30 for Garganega and more than 50 for the old varieties. The nature of the hilly morainal soil is calcareous, gravelly-sandy, well exposed to the effects of the sun's rays.

SYSTEMS: method and density

Simple and double Guyot with about 5,000 vines per hectare for the aromatic grapes, pergoletta Veronese for Garganega and the indigenous grapes with 3,500 vines.

VINTAGE: time and method

The grapes are harvested entirely by hand in two different phases at the end of August or mid-September for Chardonnay and mid-October, when slightly over-ripe, for the others.


The carefully selected grapes are harvested by hand when ripe in two different phases: the end of August for Chardonnay and mid-October for the others. For this reason, after initial crushing and criomaceration, the must ferments until roughly mid-September and is subsequently added when the other grapes are crushed. Cold maceration is then carried out again to produce a quality product, characterised by perfect harmony between the olfactory and gustatory perceptions. The controlled fermentation temperature ranges from 16 to 18°C. This is followed by a brief spell in steel tanks and ageing in bottles.


Recommended as an accompaniment to simple, full lunches, excellent with starters, first courses, fish and shellfish in general. Ideal as an aperitif. Serve cool at 10-12 °C.