Custoza DOC Zaleo

Obtained from the finest grapes, with a straw yellow colour, lightly aromatic bouquet and fresh, delicate, slightly bitter flavour.
Grape Variety
Trebbiano toscano, Garganega, Chardonnay, Friulano.
Vineyard (geographical location and characteristics)
The vineyards are located in the southeast part of the Lake Garda moraine basin. Their age varies from 7 years for Chardonnay to an average of 30 for Garganega. The hilly morainal soil is largely calcareous and gravelly-sandy.
The vinification process starts as soon as the grapes reach the cellar: after crushing and criomaceration they undergo soft pressing. The must then ferments at a heat-controlled temperature between 16 and 18°C to maintain the fragrance of the fruit.
Zaleo & Cuisine
Excellent with light dishes such as raw fish and shellfish, unequalled as an aperitif.
Serving temperature
Alcohol content
12% vol
Technical sheet